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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  July 18, 2011 3:05am-4:00am PDT

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district. many want him to back down but ìáhp &hc& >> they need to hold the country to task. we need to pay our way out of debt. >> reporter: in pelosi's san francisco district, some support. >> she should only be willing to compromise if others are willing to come to the table with compromise too. >> reporter: even many pelosi supporters want a deal. >> you've got to show us something. you've got to produce. >> reporter:r:onventional wisdom is that washington needs a deadline to get anything done. friday is when the preredent says legislation must be moving through in order for the country to increase its borrowing power on august 2nd. david kerley, abc news, the white house. some chaotic scenes at a concert in canada. check out this video, unbelievable. that's not an inflatable stage, that is a full structure there. and that's what it looked and
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sounded like when that stage collapsed last night at the ottawa blues fest. a strong thunderstorm roared through that area. the band cheap trick was playing at the time. the band members, they're okay. thousands of spectators obviously witnessing that. azingly through all that, one injury, a broken leg. >> i don't know how that's possible. it looked so terrible. >> i mean, great. great staging, i suppose, if that was part of the act. but it's amazing, a broken leg from all of that. >> incredible. usa is nursingng broken heart. >> a little bit, a little bit. >> today is a national holiday in japan. that's a good thing for them. especially for those who were up all night watching the women's world cup final. >> the ladies from japan did defeat the u.s. team pretty much in the most dramatic style possible. akiko fujita joins us live now. i imagine smiles ear to ear there. >> reporter: that's right, a huge celebration for this country. japan and the u.s. have met 25 times prior to this game. japan hadn't won a single game.
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so fans out here still held out hope saying this country was long overdue for some good news. and today they finally have reason to celebrate. team japan's victory over the united states capped an emotional run for the perennial underdogs. the japanese upset local favorite germany and sweden to ach the finals. all the while playing to heal a wounded nation. back home, nervous fans stayed up to root on their beloved team. it didn't matter that the game started at 3:45 on a monday morning. fans desperate to cheer again got the victory they'd waited so long for. this team's never give up attitude is just what this ç country needs, this fan said. and team captain homare sawa's hometown, elation. her elementary school coach saying, i have no words. the team known as beautiful flower had inspired a country still reeling from disaster.
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it's been four months since an earthquake and tsunami killed 25,000 people. the players have dedicated each game to those victims. and in this final game, they lifted the nation once again. >> they'll be able to see how far japan can go. even with everything, with odds against them. >> reporter: now following the victory, some of the local newspapers published special editions to celebrate the big win. and dan and andrea, i can tell you after all this country has endured it is nice to finally see some smiles out here. >> oh, absolutely. and akiko, they really let loose, the fans. what was it like being part of all that? >> reporter: that's right. keep in mind this game started at 3:45 in the morning. i was out at a sports bar with fans, rooms were just packed, cheering all the way. some of the fans at the beginning didn't think they could really pull this off against the u.s. as the game went on, they
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clearly got some confidence. when they finally won the world cup, the place just erupted. >> all right, so wonderful. congratulations to japan. thanks akiko fujita reporting live from tokyo this morning. here is your monday forecast. another scorcher in the middle of the country. heat advisories in 17 states from texas to ohio, making it feel like 125 degrees in parts of the upper midwest. gusty winds and hail from minneapolis to the northeast. rain from new mexico to wyoming. showers from little rock to houston. >> mostly 90s from dallas to the twin cities, from boston to atlanta. phoenix heating up to 108. salt lake city 95. 83 in sacramento. a wet 73 in seattle. that seems to be the only relief out there. >> i actually kind of want to go to seattle. that doesn't sound so bad right now. >> 73 isn't bad. we always do this. it's hot, it's the middle of july.
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108, that's insane. >> true, true. they had similarly high temperatures in madrid, spain. one neighborhood. alt with it in >> that's right. it was the 30th annual festival, the battle of the water. the idea, it's basic. beat the heat, getting as wet as possible. >> it's a lot cleaner than getting hit by those raw tomatoes and safer than running through the streets ahead of charging bulls. why not get wet? you u n't have to sign an insurance waiver, any kind of disclaimer. >> no, i could have taken a water gun this morning. >> not a bad idea. >> we'll be right back with more "world news now" coming right up. hó
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♪ i'd do anything for you dear ♪ anything cause you mean everything to me ♪ ♪ i'd know that i'd go anywhere ♪ ♪ for your smile ♪ anywhere ♪ yes i'd do anything ♪ anything for you ♪
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casey anthony walked out of an orlando jail a free woman early sunday. >> it's now anyone's guess where anthony will settle from here after her controversial acquittal. as abc's jim avila reports there are major concerns about anthony now profiting from her notoriety. >> reporter: casey anthony's new freedom could mean new riches. >> not guilty. >> reporter: telling the inside story of her daughter's death and her trial from the center of the storm.
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hitting the jackpot. turning her infamy into fortune. she's already been offered $1 million from an independent producer to tell that story. and that's just the first. >> between a combination of a book, maybe some sort of magazine article, tv interviews and other ways of telling this monster story that she has, she'll probably be able to wrestle out of this about $1 million. >> reporter: this would not be the only time notoriety transcends into wealth. after o.j. simpson's 1995 acquittal for murder he was given a $1 million publishing advance for his book "if i did it." a first-person account of how the former football star could have carried out the slayings of his ex-wife nicole brown simpson and ron goldman. amy fisher served six years in prison for the attempted murder of her lover's wife. since her parole in 1999, she's sold more than 32,000 copies of her book "if i knew then." she made a career in the adult film industry. and her struggles with
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alcoholism landed her a spot on vh1's reality series "celebrity rehab" with dr. drew. >> i'm trying. i'm really trying as hard as i can. >> i get it. you're doing good. you're doing all right, okay? >> reporter: after the menendez brothers were sentenced to life in prison in 1996 for killing their parents, erik's wife tammy menendez wrote a self-published book. "they said we'd never make it: my life with eric menendez." some say the likelihood of casey anthony cashing in is high. others are not so sure. >> some people may not want to touch casey anthony because they don't want her to profit from what they see as someone who got away with murder. >> reporter: jim avivi, abc news, orlando. >> and that is our facebook question of the day. should casey anthony be allowed to p pfit offer her notoriety? so many y ople weighing in. i think she should be allowed, the question is should she? so many people o ofacebook saying, no way. >> if she's going to, have this money go to restitution or
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charity or a fund like that. definitely a hot-button issue. >> absolutely. issue. be right back. >> absolutely. we will be right back.
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the hollywood couple everyone is talking about, we're talking about one little-known actor and one aspiring young actress. >> he's 51, she is 16. here's abc's lara spencer. >> am i your toy? >> you're my little plastic barbie doll. >> reporter: meet hollywood's most controversial newlyweds. doug hutchison is a 51-year-old actor. perhaps you remember him best as the abusive prison guard in "the green mile." >> they got all the men they need. >> reporter: and his wife? courtney stoddard, an aspiring singer and actress. ♪ it't'not my fault you can't control your guy ♪ >> reporter: believe it or not the most stunning thing about courtney isn't her provocative appearance. it's her birth certificate.
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that's right, this girl is 16 years old. married to a man more than three times her age. >> i love you. >> love you. >> let me ask you, courtney, 16 years old. why the rush to get married? >> because, you know, i felt like, this world isn't going to last forever. and, you know, life's short. >> if you're so confident and you know it's so right, why not just wait? >> it's a good question. >> when someone is 16 the frontal lobe is not fully developed. that's the part of the brain that says, if i do this, what will happen tomorrow? >> reporter: the way they tell it doug and courtney's love story began when doug, living in los angeles, admits the wreckage of two failed marriages and one serious drinking problem hit rock bottom. >> i got down on my knees and i said, send me an angel, please. >> reporter: they say they met online and quickly developed an emotional connection.
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at first doug says he had no idea she was just a teenager. when you found out, how did you feel? >> well, you can imagine. my world turned upside down. >> shock factor. >> reporter: it is not every day a man has to consult the statutory rape laws before proposing marriage. and by the way, to a young girl he had never met in person. there is a joke, 16 will get you 20. >> 16 will get you 20 when you are doing something illegally. >> reporter: turns out while marrying courtney would get doug locked up in california, neighboring nevada is one of 39 states which allows 16-year-olds to marry, as long as they have documented parental consent. >> what were you thinking there? >> i was thinking how much i love you. >> reporter: on the day they finally met in persk proposed. and shortly after, courtney was walked down the aisle at a las vegas chapel by her father. four years younger than his soon to be son-in-law.
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>> you look into each other's eyes and speak those vows and it's just like your world changes. >> reportete courtney couldn't legally drink champagne after the service. but she was free to consummate the relationship. a lot of people online say you're a pervert. what do you say to that? >> i'm a pervert, courtney is a whore, and other -- you know what, people are welcome to their opinions. that's what the world is about. if they -- if they need to feel this way, that's theirs to hold. not ours. >> reporter: one widely held opinion is that courtney's had enough plastic surgery to put joan rivers to shame. she insists those claims are false and doctors have confirmed it. >> it's real. >> it's real. >> it's real head to toe. >> courtney's plastic surgeon was god. >> reporter: this is lara spencer in los angeles.
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look at the monster that is harry potter. huge returns this weekend. and it is time for "insomniac theater." dan and i worked all weekend and i really didn't want to see the movie anyway. >> even if you had the time you wouldn't have -- all right. well, wait till the dvd anyway. james henderson hit the theater, he saw what everyone else in the world saw, "harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2." what did you think? a lot of pressure on this one. >> it's crazy. when you see that graphic chart, $168 million this movie made this weekend. over $300 million internationally. it's breaking every single record, raising the bar with
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every single other movie out there. basically, i saw the movie on imax 3d. i absolutely loved it. throughout this entire scene as you're seeing right now, lord voldemort is out to try and kill harry. he's trying to destroy all the magical items that are keeping lord voldemort immortal. basically it is -- daniel radcliffe, who is an amazing actor in this film, also emma and ron, one of my favorite actors actually, ralph fiennes, who played lord voldemort, probably one of my favorites even though i was rooting for harry. >> did you read the book? >> i actually did not read any of the books. i was an easy critic. i gave the film 5 stars. >> okay.y. >> but let's definitely take a listen to what some of the other fans had to say. >> i thought it was great. you know, it was a great ending. because it just -- everything was so big -- even bigger than in the book. so they just took everything and just ramped it up to like the full extreme.
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>> this is one of those few cases, and i usually love books more than i do movies, where i thought the movie was even better. >> my favorite character was dottie. >> it was everything i could have hoped for. literally like every page of the book on the screen. >> it's amazing to see how the kids have really just grown up into these amazing actors. >> the greatest people alive today acting are in it. so it's for the ages. that's an extra bonus. >> i would give the movie 5 stars. >> i have to agree with the kid. 5 stars, the full 5 stars for the movie. >> didn't daniel radcliffe admit he's an alcoholic or something? >> that is true, a couple of weeks ago he revealed that. >> he was getting a little crazy on the party scene and had to dial it back a little bit. clearly didn't affect his performance in this one. >> you didn't wear the glasses. >> i was trying to bring it back for you guys. >> we're not having you back given. just kidding. that's the news for this half hour. remember to follow us on facebook at
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this morning o o"world news now," set free. casey anthony breezes out of prison in orlando and she's quickly driven a ay to a private plane. >> her wheheabouts are unknown this morning after her controversial acquittal on murder charges. it's monday, july 18th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> and good monday morning, i'm dan kloeffler. >> i'm andrea canning. you're stuck with us today. peggy and rob have the morning off. there's been plenty of speculation about where casey anthony will be spending her first days out of prison. one thing is for certain, with bad feelings from protesters and her family she did not waste any time getting out of orlando where she is clearly not welcome. >> you know, also ahead, a bittersweet loss. a lot of folks talking about this unfortunately for the
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american women. they were hoping to beat japan at the world cup soccer championships. didn't exactly go the way they planned it. you'll see why team usa not entirely disappointed about this loss. >> i think people are just happy for them in general. so it's kind of a special circumstance. and later this half hour, a special celebration is in store today for nelson mandela. he's observing quite a milestone, his 93rd birthday. you'll see what's being planned. first though, we will begin with casey anthony's first taste of freedom in now three years. she was whisked away from jail under armed escort. >> anthony immediately gave reporters the slip. and this morning she is still laying low. diana alvear is in orlando with what may be next. good morning, diana. >> reporter: dan and andrea, good morning. right after her release the number one question on everyone's mind was, where is casey anthony going to go? i've heard everything from possibly houston to puerto rico to california. it's anybody's guess. one thing's for certain, she's nonogoing home.
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>> we the jury find the defendant not guilty -- >> reporter: it took casey anthony three years to clear her name of murder. just 12 seconds to walk out of jail. wearing a pink t-shirt and jeans, her hair in a bun, and her lead defense attorney, jose baez, at her side, anthony made no expression. outside of thanking one of the officers along the way. as she made her way to a waiting suv, the crowd could be heard yelling things like "baby killer." the onlookers, a mix of people angry at the verdict, and a few supporters. >> to protest that this killer is getting out. that she had such a jury trial that was as much a joke. >> there's no one out here supporting her. and i'm showing my support for her. >> reporter: where anthony is now and what she will do is pure speculation. but her infamy could prove to be very profitable. >> between a combination of a book, maybe some sort of magazine article, tv interviews, and other ways of telling this monster story that she has, she's probably be able to
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wrestle out of this $1 million. >> reporter: however, the risks of associating with anthony could outweigh the potentially lucrative outcome. >> some people may not want to touch casey anthony because they don't want her to profit from what they see as someone who got away with murder. >> reporter: whetherernthony will ever break her silence about what really happened to caylee is another unanswered question. when casey walked out of that jail, she did so with a little more than $500 in her pocket. that could change very soon. many media experts say she stands to make at least $1$1 million if she decides to tell her life story. dan, andrea? >> diana, thank you for that. an investigation is already under way into the deadly crash of a tour bus in western new york state. at least two people were killed when this bus went off the road. it was traveling from washington, d.c. to niagara falls. 35 people on board also injured from this accident. police say that a tire blowout,
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that may have caused the crash. the growing phone-hacking scandal is cutting closer to the top of the murdoch media empire. rupert murdoch's top aide has been released from custody after her arrest. one of britain's top cops also resigned. abc's jeffrey kofman reports from london. >> reporter: the scandal that shuttered one of britain's oldest newspapers is nothing less than an earthquake. shaking this country to the core. the casualties just keep mounting. the latest? the head of scotland yard. sir paul stevenson resigned. he insisted he had no involvement in his force's failure to investigate widespread alleged criminal acts by murdoch's journalists. nor the alleged bribery of police officers by reporters. >> i had no knowledge of the extent of this disgraceful practice. or indeed to the extent of it. and the repugnant nature of the selection of victims that is now emerging. >> reporter: and there is more. rebekah brooks, just days ago she was at the apex of power running rupert murdoch's british operations.
3:35 am
it is said he considered her his other daughter. on friday, she resigned from the company. she was arrested. the tenth arrest since this scandal erupted two weeks ago. brooks was editor of "the news of the world" from 2000 to 2003, when much of the alleged criminal activity took place. she has insisted she knew nothing about it. >> there's no way that a reporter can come in with the kind of salacious, page one stories that "the news of the world" was running without an editor saying, how'd you get that story? who was your source? >> reporter: those are some of the questions that are certain to be asked on tuesday when brooks, her boss rupert murdoch, and james murdococ son and heir, are scheduled to appear before a committee of the british parliament. now that brooks has been arrested it's not clear that she will appear, and if she does, that she will say anything. >> remember, this will be the first time on tuesday that the people at the senior level from news corporation, news international, have appeared in front of a tribunal like this. >> reporter: the earthquake that continues to rattle here is rippling across the atlantic and
3:36 am
threatens to rock the business world in the u.s. murdoch's grasp of his multi billion dollar empire, which includes fox news and the "wall street journal," is now in question. can n maintain control? can he keep it together? jeffrey kofman, abc news, london. >> thank you, jeffrey. thousands of concert fans in canada got much more than they bargained for. take a look at this. a strong thunderstorm hit the ottawa blues fest as the band cheap trick took the stage. as that stage collapsed, the band had already run for cover. the musicians are fine and amazingly just one fan suffered a broken leg. >> you can't even explain how something like that can happen. and one person hurt, wow, amazing. well, the star of the u.s. women's soccer team put their loss in the world cup final into a bit of a simple perspective. abby wambach said, "we were so close."
3:37 am
the team lost to japan last night in one of the most dramatic finals in the competition's history. abc's deborah roberts reports now from frankfurt. >> it is japan! >> reporter: it was an ending no one expected. a team that came out of nowhere and became world champions. before the shattering loss, american fans were confident. >> it's going to be 3-1. honestly, i think it's going to be 3-1. >> reporter: this victory was supposed to belong to the americans. athletic and powerful, they were the favorites. but the japanese, unlikely rivals, were simply hungry. for 68 minutes the americans had the game but couldn't find a way through the japanese defense. >> and scores! >> reporter: 22-year-old alex morgan, the youngest player on the team, scored. america breathed a sigh of relief. >> there's still danger -- >> reporter: until 12 minutes later when japan tied up the game. soon, each team scored again. a dramatic climax. overtime with both teams tied up. two hours in.
3:38 am
finally, japan claimed victory. >> japan's world cup! >> reporter: who can hold a grudge against japan? a touching cinderella story. an underdog from the start, the team battled its way to its very first world cup. >> sawa! >> reporter: led by a 32-year-old powerhouse, homare sawa, they were motivated to bring joy to their country. devastated by an earthquake and tsunami four months ago. for the u.s. team the loss is more than heartbreaking. favored to win, they came so close to a victory they could already taste. but in the end, they were simply no match for a team that played with such skill and passion. it was a disappointing night for the americans but no one would argue that what a boost for the japanese, who could use it about now. even judy wambach, abby's mother said, part of her heart
3:39 am
went to the japanese players. deborah roberts, abc news, frankfurt, germany. >> you can't help but root for them. >> absolutely. the thing is they were both very, very strong teams. you always try to root for the home team. you want team usa to win. at the same time, man. >> i was watching espn today. reluctantly. my husband was watching espn. >> begrudgingly, right? >> a tweet from robin roberts came up just wishing the japanese women from the soccer team all the best because of everything they've been through. that was nice. now to your monday forecast. stifling heat and humidity in 17 states from texas to ohio. severe storms around minneapolis, detroit, new york, boston and d.c. thunderstorms from houston to little rock. monsoon rains in the southwest. showers from seattle to northern lifornrn. >> man, there is a lot of heat out there. 83 in sacramento. 93 in boise. 90s, triple digits from dallas all the way up to minneapolis. do you believe that? they get feet of snow, now they're dealing with that. 91 in new york. 88 in miami.
3:40 am
89 in new orleans. you know when it's 91 here in the city it's just disgusting. >> it's not fun at all. >> everything smells like dirty hair and no air moves. >> that's why you need to leave on the weekends. >> exactly. those furnace-like temperatures led to extreme measures at an amusement park in nebraska. >> the water in the swswming pools was so warm they had to bring in tons of ice just to cool the water down. it helped a little bit. it brought the temperature down from 88 degrees down to 82. so a mild improvement there. >> with the weather in omaha still oppressive the swimming pools should be getting another ice dump tonight or tomorrow morning. >> my gosh. >> never seen that before. >> no, that's extreme measures. especially in nebraska. you expect that in dallas. bubunebraska? >> they should be enjoying this. their winters are harsh. >> i agree. >> we'll be back with more "world news nono"
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welcome back, everyone. today the world is celebrating one of its greatest leaders, nelson mandela, with mandela day. >> the day falls on the former south african president's 93rd birthday. as abc's david muir reports, one of the maéy people wishing him a happy birthday is an old friend. >> reporter: a new image of nelson mandela surrounded by family. in his childhood village of kunu, on the eve of his 93rd birthday, this is a huge milestone for mandela whwhis now rarely seen in public. there was the world cup last july, that wave to the crowd. and just last month, inviting first lady michelle obama and her girls to meet him. what was it like in that room?m? >> surreal. something i never thought would happen in my lifetime for me. >> what did you say to him? >> i told him, you cannot imagine how important your
3:45 am
legacy is to who i am, to who my husband is. i just said, thank you. thank you. thank you. >> reporter: there are so few now who get to spend time with mandela. ananzelda lagrange is one of them. you were a typist at the time? >> that's correct, yes. >> reporter: when mr. mandela became president after 27 years in prison she was a young typist who met the president in the hallway. he began speaking to her in her own language, afrikaans, the language of the whites who had long kept mandela in prison. >> at first i couldn't figure out what language he was speaking. >> because you were so overwheleld? >> i was completely overwhelmed. he put his hand on my shoulder, he shook my other hand, and he saw that i was very emotional. he said to me, no, no, calm down. >> reporter: mandela taught himself the language of the whites while in prison famously saying, if you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. if you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart. it was a lesson learned by that young typist during that first
3:46 am
meeting in the hall. >> it was a life-changing experience, really. that first day. >> reporter: david muir, abc news, johannesburg, south africa. >> what an amazing man. >> you can't even wrap your head around spending 27 years. fighting apartheid. and still being able to have hope and encouragement for the world to go forward. it's amazing. it really is an amazing story, amazing man. >> president obama congratulated mandela for devoting his life to public service and a legacy that exemplifies what obama calls wisdom, strength and grace. >> many times the president said that is his inspiration, he looks to him for guidance oftentimes. >> he is a good inspiration, that's for sure. coming up, such important news here. what do betty white and justin timberlake have in common n th some marines? >> that's right. first though, pictures of the latest edition o othe beckham family. the baby girl with that funny middle name. the pictures are definitely worth it. that's next in "the skinny."
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♪ skinny so skinny time for my favorite part of the morning, "the skinny."
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getting you up to date on everything. this marine corps ball is quickly becoming the hottest ticket in hollywood. first mila kunis accepted an invitation. now we have the white-hot betty white. >> this is great. >> has been asked by sergeant ray lewis. >> pretty dramatically, too. >> this makes me lauau so hard. let's show you the video of sergeant lewis. >> i would like to take betty white. she's just funny, she's sweet, she's mature. she's the all-around perfect woman. i really think that we'd have a good time. >> will you accept this rose, betty? >> he's smooth. he's very smooth. >> did he think she's hot? >> well, you know, he's got a rose. in his youtube video, he's off, i checked this out earlier. he's showing it, he's doing his crunches. doing calisthenics. the guy's really making a news
3:50 am
pitch for himselves. >> maybe he should get a room just in case. >> it's a family show, we want to be careful on that one. 90 years old, she might be able to teach him a few things. i'm telling you. she is incredibly hot. incredibly hot. >> oh, betty. >> also following on this thing, justin timberlake, apparently he's going to be joining them as well. corporal kelsey de santis. she asked justin timberlake. if he would go to the marine ball. this is what he had to say. >> if my schedule works out to do it, i'd love to do it. it's an honor. thank you. >> that is very cool. obviously he's saying -- it is in november, you never know. but, hey. all three of them, pretty amazing. >> he better be careful, she knows martial arts. he better show up. >> yeah. cry me a river. >> i feel like there's -- everyone's a target now in hollywood. hugh hefner's next. or something. >> okay, yeah, we'll avoid that one. too busy in the grotto. >> okay. so we have some good news. the beckhams, victoria and david, had a baby girl. and they tweeted the first
3:51 am
photos. look how adorable she is. she has a slightly bizarre name. harper seven. seven, you tell me, that's his number? >> yeah, it was his old jersey number. i don't know, i've seen cuter. whatever. are you kidding me? how can you not have an adorable -- >> it's like you can't miss with those two. how could they have an ugly child? it's like physically impossible. well, they beat the paparazzi at their own game by releasing the first photos and we wish them all the best. >> also in family news, although not happy family news, j. lo and marc anthony, that was the big announcement heard round the world. they split. saying that it was a painful time but you know what he said, though, at a concert in colombia? he said -- so they're saying that i'm single, and he's laughing about it. sort of somewhat flirting with some of the ladies in the audience. >> he's calling members of the audience, mamamata, hot mama. is that really appropriate? after you -- >> you've got to jump right back, get right back on that horse. j. lo, i'm not exactly concerned about her future. >> they have children. >> they do. >> i find it kind of sad. when we come back, it was movie magic at the box office.
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>> that's right. you're watching "world news now." "
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here are some stories to watch today on abc news. general david petraeus hands over nato command in afghanistan this morning to his replacement, lieutenant general john allen. petraeus leaves the region during a sensitive time. general motors announcing a $300 million investment today, bringing encouraging news to michigan's auto industry. the money could go into a full-size truck factory in flint. this morning's rush hour should be normal in los angeles. a bridge removal project along the infamous 405 freeway was completed sooner than expected over the weekend. shocking. >> was that much ado about nothing? >> yes. >> really, everyone just kind of went nutty on this whole thing. >> but they did so much media coverage beforehand, i think that's what saved them. >> good preparations. for his final act harry potter pulled off one of the greatest tricks yet. he turned everything he touched into gold.
3:56 am
>> the final movie in the franchise took in a record $168 million in the u.s. this weekend. here's t.j. winick with the story. >> you're a wizard, harry. >> reporter: ten years. eight films. $6 billion in ticket sales. harry potter has cast a spell over an entire generation. fans celebrated and lined up for friday's midnight release of "harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2." the final installment in a pop culture phenomenon unlike any other. >> i'm devastated. i have no clue what i'm going to do when it's over. >> reporter: many of these mere muggles or humans literally grew up with the boy wizard. >> we graduated high school when the seventh book came out. we graduate college and the last movie comes out. it's sort of like our childhood's over. >> reporter: a little over the top? not really, says one doctor of psychology. >> this is like the end of oprah for them. this really is a rite of passage. and having to say good-bye to a
3:57 am
piece of their life. >> reporter: before the movies, there were the books. seven of them. soon, kids were speaking a whole new language. words like quidditch. the game where the object is to throw the quaffle through e hoop. and mandrakes. a magical root that looks like a person and makes an awful squealing noise when you pull it out of its pot. >> i think it's cool.ç now our generation has something to pass on. >> reporter: for now there's the harry potter theme park in orlando. and of course video games. still, fans don't seem ready to let go. >> it's actually a time of mourning. they're very depressed about the end of this and wondering how they're going to fill this void. >> the official end of my youth. i'm so sad. the movie was perfect. >> reporter: so while the tale of harry potter has ended, it's the start of a new chapter for millions of fans. who have had one heck of a ride. t.j. winick in new york.
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